coverRevisedIn 1750, an Englishman visiting Egypt encounters two natives who befriend him. All three men are Freemasons.

The Englishman soon learns that what he knew or thought he knew about God, religion, spirituality, science, alchemy and Freemasonry was minor compared to the knowledge and learning he received at the hands of his mysterious Masonic friends.

Their story is told through the course of several letters written to an English nobleman by a man who signed his epistles T.M.

Now whether the story is true or – more likely – a work of brilliant fiction, Esoteric Odyssey, first published in 1790 gives the reader a glimpse inside the mind of Thomas Marryat, a man whose concepts were nearly heretical in his day and controversial – even by today’s standards.

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coverCompassesHot on the heels of the Portuguese language edition of Nobly Born is the release of the Portuguese language edition of Compasses and the Cross, the second in my trilogy of illustrated histories for Lewis Masonic.

O Compasso e a Cruz is, like Nascidos em Berço Nobre, published by Madras Editorio of Brazil. Again they have done a beautiful job of the cover art.

For some reason I don’t recall that this one was on the line to be translated, but happy that it is available.

pcoverI was pretty pleased to find a package waiting for me in my mail box today – doubly pleased that it contained four copiers of the Portuguese language edition of Nobly Born.

Nascidos em Berço Nobre is published by Madras of Brazil and takes my 8 X 10 coffee table-style book published by Lewis Masonic in 2007 and reworks it into a 320-page, handsome 6X9 trade paperback.

Can’t read it, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the job they did on the book.